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Published in Link Wrap on Thursday, September 1st, 2005

As this blog matures, and I get a better handle on the different things that I like to write about, I'm slowly starting to realize a few things, and as a result, I've decided to set up the first "regularily scheduled post", Link Wrap.

Here's the situation. This site has about 1200 readers on RSS for the main content, and another 500 for the link blog.

Given that breadth, I figure it would be alright, and perhaps good marketing, to feature a run down of links from the link blog in the main blog on a once a week basis. Chances are that I will add a few more ephemeral links too, stuff that maybe isn't worth storing in the resources but is timely and interesting.

Why? Well, for starters, I follow several link blogs around the web. Sometimes those folks will post something old, something that I have seen before and maybe even bookmarked but forgotten about. Upon seeing it again, I happen to find that at that moment it is very useful. If that happens to me, it must happen to others too.

Next, I tend to write about the same kind of stuff that I link to. Therefore, it could follow that the readers of this blog may be interested in the links that I post.

Finally, as a result of #2 there, it may be a great way for those who haven't realized that I even have a link section that I in fact do have one.

And one more thing, yes after finally, I think this also came about for some of the reasons given here and here.

Ahhh! I Hate Link Blogs!!

Some people have tried them and left them, others received negative feedback and dropped them. You may be asking yourself "why then, Mike, in the face of this do you start Link Wrap now?"... or you may not, but I'm going to tell you why anyway.

Those folks had different objectives, I think. I am a web developer, and the links I post here are useful for me. I'm not doing it for link-love, not linking it because he or she is, and they aren't for entertainment.

So there. Introducing Link Wrap - a wrap up of links, posted every Friday. Why Friday? Well, in that way, you can review link wrap to fill that little gap of time after-lunch-pre-first-beer when you don't feel like working and need something to do.

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