A New 9rules

Published in 9 Rules on Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Well, the folks behind 9rules have launched a new version of the site, and it looks to be a successful iteration (and a big one!) in the same direction that the old site brought out: increasing focus on the community and access to the members content.

Building on its strengths

I think that the biggest challenge for the 9r team lies on two fronts: making it easy to explore a vast amount of great content, and building out the community. These are the strengths of the 9rules network, tonnes of great content and an equal amount of interesting people.

We can get together in the backroom forum, but notes and My 9rules will sure take things a lot further in the community area, where members can interact with non-members and a whole new community can continue to grow.

For content, 9rules Live has the latest 40 entries in the site, and otherwise you can always drill down by Topic where you can see members and posts.

Hats off to Super-Designer Mike Rundle for a great job of making things beautiful, and whomever is responsible for cool little widgets like the one on the Notes home page gets a huge thumbs up. (Also, try hovering over a tag at the end of a Notes post!).

A bit congratulations to the whole team involved in the process and the members that did the beta testing!

Comments and Feedback

Thanks Papa G! Yup, those two little JS things were all me too :)

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