Context Boxes and Cross Browser Bliss

Published in Fiftyfoureleven on Tuesday, June 8th, 2004

More features added to our weblog script: the post pages now have a context box.

Context Boxes

Having hinted at it in a previous post, something that we first saw on Asterisk, then at Mezzoblue and Sidesh0w, context boxes have been added to the archived posts of this site.

The right hand column here has been seriously lacking in direction, though mostly as we I test out different ideas and CSS. The context boxes make perfect sense, for, as Dave puts it:

These auto-generated pseudo-summaries are mainly for the sake of those coming in off Google, but I’ll be interested in seeing how valuable I find them myself when I hunt back through the archives for older entries.

Besides the summary, a date and comment summary and a skip link to the comments are provided.

Archives, categories and site search

Also available is a link to the archives, the category of the post (when I upload the cat data) and a site search, powered by google. When the category functionality is up and running, a 'Related Entries' similar to that found on Simon Willison's site will also be included.

Cross browser bliss

We called in the big guns to help out with some Mac IE 5.2 troubles, and after two hours of troubleshotting, Philippe Wittenbergh came through with the right answers. Thank you Philippe!

Thanks to Philippe's help, the site is now navigable to those with IE5.2 for Mac, and as a whole functional across most browsers.

Comments and Feedback

That\'s very neat Mike.

I think it\'s wonderful that so many bloggers are \"pushing the envelope\" these days.

It\'s great to see so many ideas emerging, so many tools and plug-ins developed and the vast majority of it following W3C standards.

We\'re truly watching the web come of age.

Yeah, it\'s funny, just prior to Mezzoblue and Stopdesign redesigning, and subsequently Sidesh0w, I was wondering where the innovation was going to come from next. I was a bit tired of the \'css look\' that we as designers are getting used to seeing (even though this site has that look, I think).

The homepage of Doug\'s new Stopdesign is a great step somewhere different, similar to how Scrivs has been shaking up IA and look and feel of the 9rules network.

Then there\'s people like yourself, working the feature side with the new blogroll and the editable comments (and e-mail updates of posted comments).

Innovation is fun, unfortunately I just pilfered my ideas from others ;-]

The new Stopdesign is absolutely beautiful. I was very impressed. Still not 100% on Mezzoblue, but it\'s slowly growing on me. Scrivs, as always, makes minimalism look fantastic - I am a huge admirer of his work (and his unbelievable energy and enthusiam).

Amazingly, despite all the behind the scenes work, these guys still have time to produce outstanding content!

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