Goin' UTF-8

Published in Fiftyfoureleven on Tuesday, June 29th, 2004

A few changes made and our blog now has utf-8 character encoding.

(This was published in 2004, if you happen to have seen it pop into your feedreader on 06/03/2007, sorry, this was due to a bug in our CMS.)

We'd been wanting too for awhile, and were finally inclined to make the swith to utf-8 by Anne Van Kesteren's Quick guide to UTF-8.

There were a few glitches, and some time was lost due to an entity encoding bug in Opera (which, upon examining the comments at that link, I knew about - how soon we forget).

The why's and what's of utf-8 can be found here, in the links contained therein, and in Anne's post and the links he provides.

While doing all of this, I learned that viewing source in Opera, which by default launches in Wordpad (windows), words like Iñtërnâtiônàlizætiøn get munged because Wordpad apparently doesn't like utf-8... I'll need to change Opera's default viewer, or perhaps I should just stick with Firefox, which wouldn't have caused me to lose time due to the aforementioned bug :-/

Comments and Feedback

Putting it to the test. Stolen from the source code on Anne's site and his post about Iñtërnâtiônàlizætiøn. See how this maxes out my use of background images. Perhaps time to get some sliding door mechanisms built into these...

??? ?????????????????????????? ? ?? ? ??? ?????????? ?????????????? ?? ?? ? ?????????? ?????????????????? ? ?? ????????? ??????????????????????, ?????? ??????? ??????????????


??? ???? ???? ??????? ?? ????? ????? ????? ??? ??, ?? ??? ????? ????????? ???? ?? ??? ???? ?????? ???????


??????? ????????????? ?? ???, ??? ????????? ??????????? ??. ???????? ???????? ??? ??, ???? ????????? ??? ??, ??? ?? ?????? ???????.


????? ?????? ????????? ??????????????? ???? ????? ?????? ?????? ???? ????? ?????? ?????? ??????????? ???? ????? ?????? ?????? ???? ?????? ??????


??? ???? ??????? ??????????? ??, ?? ??? ????? ????? ??????????, ?? ????? ??????? ???????????????? ??. ????? ?????? ???????? ?? ???.


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Lav sa luhta vandel goneheca, soica cotumo racinë hón ma. Lá occo amanyar iel, antorya ambarmetta har be. Cé mac.


Te robenie roditelis gde, znat lubijsx studentis li eda, do mai edat tugde probudijm. Da cielis trasil moi. Velju slovis.


Ipe zn pece urazo, hegi undan kayasada kon in, iraga imagi tonni di men. Aga di pani dite jakine, dubi.


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Blümiks olenükobs-li cil nu, ix leklära okälom pejonedon köp. Fe elesedom lätikan magot güä, dugans mans panemof-li bos nu ön.


You make me sick Mike - I still have got a UTF-8 working properly! Nice work.

Ha! I didn't know your last name so I was all "who'se that?" Darkblue out from under cover ;-]

Thanks, by the way. It did take a few tries. I made one attempt a few weeks ago, feebly changing the meta and header, but it turns out that that Opera bug mentioned above was holding me back, along with some little things in my commenting system had to be tweaked to make it all work fine.

雨ã?®ä¸€æ—¥ã€?å¾®ã?‹ã?ªé›²ã?®é–“ã?«è¦‹ã?ˆéš ã‚Œã?™ã‚‹æº€æœˆã€?ã?šã?£ã?¨é? ã??ã?®æœ¨ã?®ä¸Šã?§ã?¯å¤œã‚’æ­Œã?†è™«ã?Ÿã?¡ã€‚庭ã?®çŸ³ã?®ä¸Šã?«éŸ¿ã??雨音をè?žã??。一æ?¯ã?®ã‚°ãƒªãƒ¼ãƒ³ãƒ†ã‚£ãƒ¼ã€?香ã?®ã?‹ã?Šã‚Šã€?ã??れらをã?‹ã??ä¹±ã?™ã‚ˆã?†ã?«å?¹ã?„ã?¦ã?„ã??風。孤独ã?ªæ­“å–œã?®åº­ã€‚

Quoting myself... :-). And now, I could be a very bad boy and use IE mac to input this. It would be all screwed up due to a naughty, naughty bug in that browser that prevents correct input of East Asian text when the charset is UTF-8.

Darkblue out from under cover

Indeed. I thought long and hard after reading someone's (I think it was Scrivs) dismissal of users who post under pseudonyms and have decided to reduce my usage of "DarkBlue" when commenting.

I still have got a UTF-8 working properly

Ouch! I must have been tired when I wrote that. What I meant to write was, "I still haven't got UTF-8 working properly." I suspect that you understood anyway.

I wish more and more sites would move to Unicode. I've always hated the whole character encoding mess.

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