Design Criticism Extended

Published in General on Thursday, September 16th, 2004

An excellent extension by Derek Featherstone to a great little quote from Christian Watson.


This is an example of something that I will, in the future, be putting in another section of this site. A smaller, more often updated area that I am supposed to be programming while on hiatus.

And on with it already

Derek Featherstone has taken a specific quote and make it generalizable by substituting terms, and the result is very useful.

This time its from a great write up by Christian Watson on advice for people who are looking to get hired in the web industry.

I see Derek's paragraph as a sort of "talk to the hand" post where I can send people who may vent out of context ;-]

How can you tell Derek used to be a teacher? Phrases like You know the drill, and the very act itself of generalizing a paragraph by extracting words... Made me feel like I was back in high school! (just having fun Derek!)

Comments and Feedback

Hi Mike -- you might want to link up the words "the result" to the actual post: Quotable: On Criticism so that it maintains the permalink. OK, probably not soon, but after I post 12 more posts, it won't be on the front page any more... :)

As for You know the drill, that was more from coaching rugby and basketball than it was from the classroom... ;)

Thanks Derek, I will. I thought I was missing something when I posted that... had that \\\'funny feeling\\\'...

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