Gettin ripped

Published in General on Monday, August 30th, 2004

You know its time to read up on licensing when, some of your work gets ripped...

I've seen it happen to others, but I never thought someone would rip this sites misfit of a design (have a look at the messy CSS, I dare you ;-), but alas, Aaarrgghh!


Seems that they went lazy and just grabbed the images. Maybe this is a benefit of having messy CSS...

Comments and Feedback

I might be missing something here Mike, but I can't see a rip-off of your website???

First off, what the hell are we doing awake??

Follow that link that I posted, the 'hzzp' one, replace the z's for t's, and viola. In case they go and get it changed, here's a screenshot of shame.

what the hell are we doing awake?

Ah, in my case your question is easily answered. :-(

replace the z's for t's

Now, I get it. I was tired (see above).

That's a either a real bummer Mike, or it's a great ego booster - depending on your point of view.

Heh, and they use use tables for layout. That must be the biggest insult ;)

Haha, Jacob, I think that's a testament to how unorganized this sites css is ;-] (or of course, they just might prefer tables *gasp*)

Fact is, I'm neither bummed nor boosted, just surprised. Weird clicking thru and seeing that...

Mike, an unrelated comment: you seem to be using a non-existent html entity "'" in the comments here. While this renders correctly in Mozilla and Firefox it breaks in IE(6).

See: The Curse of ' for more information...

Thanks Jonathan, all sorted now. I knew that was happening, I just hadn't researched the correct answer. Thanks for the link!

No problem my friend. :-)

Wow, now that's definitely a rip-off. No question at all. And a bad implementation, too. It's neither centered nor aligned to either side.

And BTW, it's "voila", not "viola"! A viola is an intrument, not an exclamation. :)

Hey Jennifer, glad you agree. And yeah, I know that it's voila; sort of an inside jokey thing from a past job I had, where our 3d modeller would always proclaim "Viola!" when he'd show us a new model. Now I say it that way and it gives me a little chuckle...

We would also say "quack" (easy on the 'ck') instead of "what"; "quack" (with a French Canadian accent) being ever so close to "quoi", French for "what".

Ah, good. :) Sorry, I couldn't help commenting on it!

No problem, just one of those little things that just stick with ya ;-]

You could've just linked the bastards like this, but hey. I guess this is one of the downsides of having a well-designed site ;P Anyway, join the ripper hunting!

Ha, good point on the linking. Sleep deprivation will cause one to overlook such things... That ripper hunting is a nice looking site!

It's a weird feeling when it happens professionally too. Several years ago I worked on a redesign for RISD - It won a ton of awards, was a huge success with the client, etc. About a year or so after it's launch someone cribbed it extensively for The School of The Museum of Fine Arts - -- thankfully both sites have changed over time but you can still see how SMFA struggles with it's pirated heritage. The really weird thing? Even further back than that when I was looking into undergraduate fine art studies for myself SMFA was one of the schools I had considered!

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