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Published in General on Friday, December 17th, 2004

Is there an ftp client out there that will do this...?

Wanted: an ftp client that will upload a set of files from one source to multiple ftp locations (i.e. something that will update a script that runs in many locations).

I'll admit that I haven't had much time to dig around and look for a solution to this. Heck, maybe one of the ftp proggys on my machine can do this (tho its' not very evident if it does), but suggestions appreciated nonetheless!

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I don't know, but maybe FlashXP is a solution. I know it can do a lot of FTP magic, but I'm not sure if it can solve your problem...

Does it have to be FTP, or are other protocols available? For example, it wouldn't be hard to script this using rsync or scp.

Mathias, thanks, I'll have a look.

Dougal, it doesn't have to be ftp, I believe, but you are using some terms there that I haven't worked with... *blush* Perhaps some weekend reading is in order!

Check out www.ftpvoyager.com, I think it does what you want it to do, it is has several features.

Thanks Blake, I'll check that out!

Are we talking just one or two files that you update on a frequent basis?

If so, then you could write a simply bat file that did it...

Let me know if you want some more info..

Hey Dave, sorry about the late reply. I'm talking about a set of files, multiple directories etc. Basically, the core files of our CMS.

I hadn't thought of writing something to do this, not a bad idea, but for the time.

Just setting a cookie. I can't believe that I don't have a cookie for my own site...

I'm sure the command line ftp would handle wildcards, so you could specify a whole directory, and multiple files would just be a case of adding several put file commands...

Not sure if it can read in from a file, which would list the files to transfer, it reads in a file the server details so its possible...

I'll dig out what I did, I have a vb app i use for generating and uploading a froogle data feed, which i have set to run from windows scheduler... The vb just calls the command line ftp if i recall, and the code started out in a bat file...

Sorry its a saturady afternoon, I'm sat in waiting for a phone call, I'm bored and this has kinda got me hooked...

I was playing around, to see how I could use this myself, and wanted to check som of the ftp commands, which took me too this site http://www.nsftools.com/tips/MSFTP.htm which had a nice little google ad on it for this http://www.robo-ftp.com/ which looks like it might be just what you wanted...

I just found this application and I think it's exactly what you need.

SyncBack will allow you set up multiple profiles for backing up a directory to a directory (or synchronising it) and can use FTP

profiles can be scheduled automatically

Sound good? get it here: http://www.2brightsparks.com/syncback/syncback-hub.html

Thanks Tony and Dave, I'll check these out. Dave, thanks for the e-mail too...

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