How an Internet Marketer convinces their child to go to school/day care/park

Published in Marketing on Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Lately I've taken to subscribing to many newsletters and the "free" programs being offered by internet marketers - think Frank Kern, Yanik Silver et al. - and people like Aaron Wall and Shoemoney and that Brian fellow over at Copyblogger.

If you, like me, receive some of these emails, you may have noticed how their sales methods have taken the typical long web page sales pitch and turned it on its side. They've spliced it into emails and videos and feed that info to us in a much more interactive and entertaining manner then the long winded sales pages of old.

So this morning while trying to convince my 21 month old son to go to the park (that's right, to convince him to go to the park) I found that the usual things were not working. That is when it hit me.

Parental persuasion ala Frank Kern

Please note that I have not met nor do I know Frank Kern, and I am only singling him out because his name stuck with me. I suppose this parody below could be recognizable to Jeff Walker's children as well. One last note, I have found the free info they give away as they get you to the offer/pitch/monthly service to be quite valuable.

Father and son head down the elevator out to the bakery. Son demands the water fountain in the park so we head straight there, where strawberries are eaten and some rocks thrown in. Then he says "casa" (hey, we live in Spain) and demands to go home. We stop to watch the street cleaner pass by and head home, not having visited the swings, played with the balloon or balls or had breakfast at the bakery.

(Okay, so in the end I also pick on we folks who buy these things - be they live the internet lifestyle products or self-help books - and don't implement them to the fullest :)

Comments and Feedback

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Lol, comment spam. Nice article! I think comment spam is the opposite end of internet marketing, just uber generic statements where everything the Dad says would be

Well dunno, we the Internet Marketers are also human. When my 2 & 1/2 is begging to do something I don\'t want to do I often offer to take him to Home Depot and that works like a charm since for whatever reason he just loves going to Home Depot.

Now, sorry about the spam comment from our other seo guy, he\'s been fired already for making these kinda spam posts.

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