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Published in Marketing on Friday, May 21st, 2004

A little rant about marketing on the internet, why we need it, and some good links and examples about it.

Another skill in the toolbox

There's been a lot of talk on the internet about the different skills web developers need to survive in today's web services marketplace. Truth be told, the required skillset largely depends on the services that you or your company offer.

Regardless, as the web matures, more and more companies are looking for more than just a website, they are looking for a marketing solution.

The internet is, after all, a marketplace, and success is there for those who can capitalize. And there is still plenty of room for successful online marketing. From Working Wonders on the Web,

Of companies with fewer than 100 employees, only 40% have websites, and just 40% of those do e-commerce, according to Merle Sandler, a senior analyst at IDC, in Framingham, Mass. Far fewer manage other major functions online. "They still see it as being too expensive," says Sandler.

And I don't care what anyone says, building a website that helps a company successfully market and sell it's product or service is sexy!

What is marketing?

In Marketing 101 - The Essentials of Marketing, Ammon Johns, internet marketing consultant extraordinaire, covers some of the basic ideas of marketing and what it entails. The ideas that he presents in this, one of several articles on, are things that a web designer may want to keep in mind when laying out and developing a website.

Examples of marketing success

Working Wonders on the Web, from, looks at three different companies that are making it happen on the web. The third company,, is a great example of a small business getting it right (though I'll not say anything about the site itself - numbers are spekaing for it!).

Awareness and tradoffs or balances

Marketing isn't for everyone, but as web designers we need to be aware of marketing and accept that it is another one of the players in the list of weights and balances that affect many of our design decisions. In fact, typical user testing and just plain user awareness could essentially be thought of as subsets of good marketing.

A couple of closing examples

To close, a couple of examples from designers we may all be familiar with, both of them working a layer of marketing in with all of the other layers that we have to be aware of these days.

For starters, Dave Shea's new website, I wonder how many people were surprised to see him use Flash? Read through the site and see how he markets himself, the garden and it's success.

Another group of sites undergoing a marketing massage at the moment is Paul Scrivens' 9rules network sites. Paul talks about tradoffs in the post - Working on branding all the sites across the 9rules Network... This includes making Arial the default font across all sites (yeah, yeah, I know) - and the topic comes up again later in the comments.

Comments and Feedback

As per the world of internet goes on web development site and people eagerness are growing biger.Web development produces that source of information where every company needs and a web site skill is assured by your companies progress.

In the high ranking web site market the different web skills are to largely required in internet market where sucess is affordable one.I have experenced with a company who got success in web development,named ASLOG TECHNOLOGIES PVT LIMITED.

In recent times web design is a good fortune in internet.Many web developers companies want to make a solution on internet market where a renounced web develop site is needed.

Different companies have different weblink to respond work.As the web market is prospering each companies is determined to work according to the competition market.

The web site which has great skills and know about the internet on line market is good to mdeal with that experienced companies.

It is true that companies who\'s work depends on in line markets there web site viewers are to be logged in a large number, so to to get this achievement they have to produced according to markets concept.

On going competition of markets level the different skills of web markets is going tough.Companies ned to be specified about their features of works.

arnabchowdhury Mon, 13th of July, 2009

There is a lot of talk on the internet about website.To gather people on your website is to deliver the importants of works from your company.

If the websiters want that there website much gain more priority than others, so to achieve that position companies must grade up there work to so the people in this competition era.

Today the insane priortity would be of all companies that they should provide the truth value of works of there companies.

arnabchowdhury Mon, 13th of July, 2009

Companies should provide the real object to make huge people to visit to there website in this tough situation.So companies should have a target to maximise there web gallery.

The truth of today business competition is depend on companies work deiveries.So to have a impact on market tradition companies have to put there work out fit.

The progress of companies is totally depend on working capacity.As the market competition gears up in every part of business.

So in these problem situation and to recover from these tuff situation all companies have to provide the solution error problem by the means of sorting out work stretegis.

Building website and making profit out of it is essential in today\'s business parts,because these days website is best to have a selling process .

The online process is now the best catagory to have the benefit. If a company have individual website and to make profit by handling there products on web site is good process.

Baically the web site is been a easiest way to provide the companies in a great benefit.Companies should prepare there product and of good quality .

Skills of web site are been talked in to much.So to increase the level of skills companies who demand of there products in market they have to be positive.

Skills web developing companies are being hold up in the market for not delivering the essential work upon where companies are having there profit.

Big industrialist should be one of the main money maker for today because the web developing skills are the most outcome event of the business.

Skill developing are to be main function of on line business.Web skills mainly depend how much work it is produced.

The introduction of web developing on line for the production of real companies who can understand about making money through online .

In today\'s tuffest markest if one individual companies think that skill web developers are to permitted to the top level all credit companies have to take .

Contrasting today market it had been the competition for profdit of every individual companies.So to make skilweb develpoment a on line circuit companies have to do there work .

Skill web developers are to be need to be survivedin this market.The companies who\'s money profit dwepends on web development is to deliver the working capacity.

Actually web development skils are totally depend on the working progress of companies.

Today different web market skills must survive to be in target.Largely web site are dependent on companies manufacture of works.

Web site must have a creative work in the mareket so in the progress to maintain the competition it should be benefitted by the companies.

Different web market skills must survive to be in potential charge of doing the benefit market of companies.

Web development skills are to sorted out by the companies who are to be in the way to held this web development.

As today different web marketing skills need to survive,so in progress of good web skills companies need to deliver ingredients of works.

Big industries need to survive for them this companies need to have a copy writer through which companies can handle there official website works.

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