Skype Wishlist

Published in Web Development on Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

As Skype gains in popularity, I'm finding that I am using it more often to communicate with clients. It has an edge over simple text messaging, and better sound quality than voice on MS Messenger. Here are a couple of things that I would like to see added to the feature list.

Changing the way people work

I've been noticing it more and more lately, clients asking me what my Skype user name is and making use of this wonderful tool. These are people who weren't into text messaging, but who now realize the benefits of using Skype - both from the cost cutting point of view, and from the convenience. Push a button and we're talking.

Of course, the added benefit to this is the chat facility (which saves your chat with someone, even if you close it) and the conference call abilities that Skype offers. Just yesterday a client called up on the landline, and I had to e-mail him an url. It felt so 2004.

This ease of communication has definitely brought me closer with my clients, and made communication more effective. I was even able to do a conference call to help ease a couple of people into using Basecamp.

A little wish list

I spent some time surfing around this weekend and found some tools that added features to Skype, like recording calls and an answering machine feature.

What I would ideally like to see would be something that allows me to record calls, take notes and chat, and at the end of it all save everything together, so that when I rescan the call my notes and the chat are available to me.

Already out there

The following links hilite some cool things already out there:

Comments and Feedback

Wow. Yes. I definitely need to jump on this bandwagon soon. I hear such good things about it. To be honest, I still have that feeling of 'How can this even exist, I mean, free international communication, surely the corporations have shut it down by now!?

Yeah, it's pretty amazing stuff, and to be honest, it is changing the way I communicate with clients.

I collected many plug-in software and hardware addons specially for Skype, wish that's will be helpful for skype lover.

And people are still trying to sell VoIP when Skype's free? Go figure. The new MSN messenger's supposed to have VoIP, video chat and file transfer in one (read it somewhere)

I've been using Skype since February, and thus far I've been very impressed. With family over 3,500 miles away, Skype has already saved me a fortune in transatlantic phone calls. The voice quality is so good, it's almost spooky. It often feels like someone is talking over your shoulder.

I'm looking forward to seeing a video option, but any improvements to the service should not be at the expense of compromising what they already have.

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